US Congressional Report Highlights Worsening HR Situation in India Under Modi Regime

US Congressional Report Highlights Worsening HR Situation in India Under Modi Regime

May 17, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

The US Congressional Research Service (CRS) has released a damning report that highlights significant human rights violations in India under the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The report, titled “India: Human Rights Assessment,” provides a stark overview of the deteriorating human rights landscape in the country, marking a concerning decline in the protection and respect of fundamental rights.

According to the report, which has been widely disseminated, there has been a dramatic escalation in attacks on religious minorities, including Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs, under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Modi. The rise in these attacks reflects a broader pattern of discrimination and violence against these communities, driven by the ideological underpinnings of Hindutva promoted by the ruling party.

The report details an alarming increase in instances of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. Extrajudicial killings involve individuals being executed without any legal process, often carried out by security forces or vigilante groups with impunity. Enforced disappearances refer to cases where individuals are abducted or detained by the state or its agents, and their whereabouts are concealed, leaving families without legal recourse or information.

The CRS report covers grave human rights conditions in India, indicating that the conditions have significantly worsened under Modi’s tenure. The surge in violence and discrimination against religious minorities is particularly troubling, as it suggests a systematic effort to marginalize these groups and suppress their rights. This trend is indicative of a broader erosion of democratic principles and rule of law in the country.

Extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances further underscore the severe human rights violations occurring in India. These practices not only violate international human rights standards but also undermine the country’s legal and judicial systems. The prevalence of such acts suggests a climate of impunity, where perpetrators are not held accountable for their actions, exacerbating the cycle of violence and abuse.

The international community has expressed growing concern over these developments. Human rights organizations and global watchdogs have repeatedly called for greater accountability and transparency in addressing these violations. The CRS report adds to this chorus, urging immediate and effective measures to protect human rights in India.

The Modi administration has faced widespread criticism for its handling of human rights issues, with many accusing it of fostering an environment of intolerance and repression. The government’s policies and rhetoric have been seen as contributing to a climate of fear and hostility towards religious minorities and dissenters.

The findings of the CRS report serve as a critical reminder of the importance of vigilance and advocacy in the face of human rights violations in India. It underscores the need for sustained international pressure and domestic reform to ensure that all individuals in India can enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms without fear of discrimination or violence.