Protests against Power Crisis and Price Hike in Jammu

Protests against Power Crisis and Price Hike in Jammu

May 21, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

In a strong demonstration of public discontent, Congress leader Taranjit Singh Tony led a protest in Jammu, voicing the growing frustration over frequent power outages and significant hikes in electricity bills. The protest, held in front of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s (SDM) office in RS Pura, saw farmers and residents from border villages rallying for a reliable electricity supply.

Tony addressed the assembled crowd, emphasizing the severe impact of unpredictable power cuts on both farmers and the general public. He noted that the inconsistent power supply has disrupted daily life and intensified the financial woes of the farming community. “While farmers are already dealing with financial distress, the Electricity Department has imposed unexpected and sudden hikes in electricity bills,” Tony stated. He pointed out that the bills, which were already substantial, have surged by an alarming 200 percent, rendering them unaffordable for many.

Highlighting the critical timing of these power issues, Tony stressed the importance of a stable electricity supply during the paddy season. He urged the relevant authorities to ensure an uninterrupted power supply at least until the conclusion of this crucial agricultural period. “Regularizing connections post-paddy season will enable farmers to manage their resources more effectively,” Tony suggested, advocating for a phased approach to resolving the crisis.

The protest underlined the broader issues afflicting the region’s power infrastructure. Unscheduled power cuts have not only hindered agricultural activities but also affected the daily lives of residents in border villages, who rely heavily on consistent electricity for their livelihoods and household needs. The protestors’ slogans echoed a collective demand for a solution that addresses both immediate and long-term power supply concerns.

To conclude, the protest led by Taranjit Singh Tony brought to the forefront the pressing issue of power shortages and exorbitant electricity bills in Jammu. By advocating for immediate measures to ensure a stable power supply during the paddy season and suggesting a phased regularization of connections, Tony has articulated a practical approach to alleviating the burden on farmers and improving living conditions in the region. The demonstration reflects the broader demand for accountability and responsive governance in addressing the infrastructural challenges that affect everyday life in rural India.