Revelations of India’s Death Squads on Foreign Soil

Revelations of India’s Death Squads on Foreign Soil

April 22, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s acknowledgment that India conducts its death squads on foreign soil has left many astonished, as this fact has long been known within the global intelligence community, but this is the first time India has confessed to it.

In an interview with an Indian channel, Rajnath Singh stated that those terrorists attempting to disrupt India’s peace will receive a befitting response, and if Pakistan flees, they will be killed there. Prime Minister Modi has already approved this policy.

British newspaper “Guardian” claimed in its report that the Indian government has executed at least 20 individuals in Pakistan since 2020. Although the Indian Foreign Ministry dismissed the report as negative propaganda, Rajnath Singh’s confession refutes this denial.

Before Rajnath Singh, Prime Minister Modi mentioned during an election rally the government’s policy of carrying out killings in foreign countries, without naming any specific country, while referring to Pakistan. Modi and Rajnath Singh’s statements have become more understandable in the backdrop of the ongoing election season in India, aiming to use a narrative of national security and patriotism to ensure electoral success.

In the previous Indian general elections, a few weeks before, the Modi government staged a drama of surgical strikes in Balakot, creating a dangerous alignment for the beleaguered BJP government amidst economic woes. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, along with other Indian politicians, questioned the Pulwama incident, labeling it as a scripted drama.

The Modi government capitalized on the Pulwama incident by blaming Pakistan and launching a retaliatory strike, thereby ensuring their electoral success. Media under the influence of the BJP also played a crucial role in this success, presenting Prime Minister Modi as a strong leader who can safeguard national security and transform India into a formidable power.

It is feared if Modi feels the risk of electoral defeat, he will only signal to the Indian media to amplify his strong leadership narrative, which eliminated terrorists by infiltrating Pakistan. It is feared that, for the third time, in order to win the election, Modi could stage another drama like Pulwama, as long as he perceives that the political benefits of such a campaign outweigh its costs.

The Modi administration reorganized its policy based on the assessment of the value and political benefits, devising a new policy that includes targeting political opponents in foreign countries through its intelligence agency, RAW. India’s intelligence agency, RAW, essentially follows the policies of Israeli intelligence agencies, which frequently utilize the policy of targeting and assassinating opposition figures residing in other countries. It is revealed that India hires hitmen through social media, including members of extremist organizations. They control them through RAW sleeper cells located in other countries.