Resolution of the Jammu & Kashmir Issue is Essential for Achieving Peace: PM Kakar

Resolution of the Jammu & Kashmir Issue is Essential for Achieving Peace: PM Kakar

November 21, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

In a significant address at the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Academy Asghar Khan, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar emphasized that peace in the region remains elusive until the longstanding Jammu and Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India is resolved. He unequivocally stated, “Let me make it clear that there can be no peace without the settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir issue.” The prime minister made these remarks during the graduation ceremony of officers, underscoring the critical role that conflict resolution plays in fostering stability.

Prime Minister Kakar reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to being a peace-loving nation, expressing a desire to maintain amicable relations with all countries, particularly its neighbors. However, he cautioned against interpreting this pursuit of peace as a sign of weakness. He strongly condemned the human rights situation in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, emphasizing that Pakistan would not engage in an arms race but would enhance its capabilities in alignment with technological advancements to deter potential aggression.

The prime minister highlighted the profound impact of the rapidly changing geo-strategic environment on Pakistan and the broader region. He emphasized the necessity of advancements in space networks, cyber technology, nano-technology, and artificial intelligence to address the evolving challenges. Prime Minister Kakar commended the PAF for smartly integrating cutting-edge technology, achieving progress in cyberspace, and excelling in non-contact warfare through indigenous means.

Underscoring the professionalism and competency of Pakistan’s armed forces, Prime Minister Kakar assured the nation that, despite challenges, the country would continue to prosper. He acknowledged the sacrifices made by the armed forces for national defense and their significant contributions to nation-building, instilling confidence that the nation would overcome challenges both past and future.

Addressing the graduating cadets, the prime minister urged them to uphold the PAF’s legacy and stay abreast of modern technology and trends in warfare. The ceremony saw the graduation of cadets specializing in General Duty Pilots, Aeronautical Engineers, air defense, and combat support. PM Kakar awarded accolades to outstanding performers and witnessed a thrilling fly-past of PAF jets, including Mirage, F-7P, JF-17 Thunder, and J-10C.

The prestigious Quaid-e-Azam Banner was awarded to the Champions No. 3 Squadron for consistently exceptional performance. Additionally, Chief of the Air Staff trophies for best performance were presented to cadets excelling in various categories, and the Swords of Honour were bestowed upon Aviation Cadets for outstanding achievements in flying and engineering.

The ceremony not only celebrated the accomplishments of the graduating cadets but also underscored the nation’s commitment to maintaining regional stability through the resolution of longstanding disputes. Prime Minister Kakar’s address echoed Pakistan’s dedication to peace and technological advancements, signaling a proactive stance in navigating the complexities of the evolving geopolitical landscape.