Resisting Divisive Agenda of BJP: Mehbooba Mufti’s Call for Judicious Voting

Resisting Divisive Agenda of BJP: Mehbooba Mufti’s Call for Judicious Voting

March 14, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Mehbooba Mufti, the President of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has called upon the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir to exercise their voting rights wisely, particularly in light of what she describes as “contentious laws” like the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), while also urging them to resist the divisive tactics employed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Speaking at a press conference held at the party headquarters in Srinagar, Mufti cautioned against being ensnared by the BJP’s strategies, emphasizing that laws such as the CAA serve as distractions meant to divert attention from pressing issues like unemployment, agrarian distress, and inflation.

Accusing the BJP of fueling communalism and exacerbating religious tensions, Mufti stressed the importance of vigilance and unity among citizens, particularly within the Muslim community, to counteract such divisive agendas.

She pointed out the adverse effects of the CAA, lamenting the demolition of mosques, raids on religious institutions, and the targeted vilification of Muslims. Mufti urged the populace to maintain composure and resilience in the face of provocations, cautioning against reactive responses that could further escalate communal tensions.

Mufti alleged that despite various attempts by the BJP to incite unrest among Muslims, such as demolishing mosques and conducting searches in religious establishments, the implementation of the CAA was yet another ploy to manipulate sentiments.

Emphasizing the significance of peaceful protests, exemplified by the Shaheen Bagh demonstrations in Delhi, Mufti expressed concern over the detention of numerous youths without bail. She urged both Hindus and Muslims to refrain from succumbing to the BJP’s manipulative tactics and advocated for sustained participation in democratic processes, highlighting the power of voting as a means to challenge what she perceives as “oppressive” laws and policies. Mufti’s statements underscore a broader concern regarding the political climate in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, where issues of identity, citizenship, and religious freedom are deeply intertwined with broader geopolitical dynamics. By urging citizens to exercise their voting rights judiciously and resist divisive agendas, Mufti positions herself as a voice for unity and resilience in the face of political turbulence.