Modi is ignoring significant problems in Kashmir: The Telegraph

Modi is ignoring significant problems in Kashmir: The Telegraph

March 11, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

The Telegraph, India, recently criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his failure to address crucial issues in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir region. The editorial emphasized the lack of progress in the region, particularly the absence of an elected government for six years and only two local polls during this period.

According to the reports, despite the prolonged political vacuum, New Delhi continues to project an image of normalcy in Kashmir that doesn’t align with the ground realities or the expectations of the people. The editorial argued that Modi’s ‘Naya Kashmir’ rhetoric, which once held promise, now sounds tiresome due to its inconsistency with the actual situation on the ground.

During Modi’s recent visit to the Kashmir Valley, he overlooked key concerns such as the holding of assembly elections, despite the Indian Supreme Court setting a September deadline, The Telegraph reported. Moreover, there was a conspicuous absence of a roadmap for the restoration of statehood, addressing youth unemployment, and dealing with the persistent insurgency.

The editorial lamented Modi’s focus on highlighting his perceived accomplishments, including securing people’s rights, ending dynastic politics, and promoting welfare schemes. The Telegraph suggested that these achievements, while noteworthy, failed to address the pressing issues specific to the Kashmir region.

The failure to address these concerns has left both Kashmiris and political rivals disappointed. The INDIA coalition, comprising political parties such as the National Conference and the People’s Democratic Party, appears to be facing internal challenges. Omar Abdullah of the National Conference has refused to allocate any seats to the People’s Democratic Party, and in turn, Mehbooba Mufti has criticized the National Conference’s intentions.

The Telegraph emphasized the precarious position of Kashmir, caught between competing political forces that seem to prioritize short-term interests over the collective welfare of the region and its people. The editorial hinted at the potential implosion of the INDIA coalition and the growing disillusionment among Kashmiris.

To conclude, Modi’s recent visit to Kashmir missed crucial opportunities to address long-standing issues, leaving the region in a state of political uncertainty. The editorial from The Telegraph underscored the need for a comprehensive approach that considers the ground realities and addresses the genuine concerns of the Kashmiri people. It also highlighted the challenges faced by the political forces in the region, urging a shift towards a more collective and welfare-centric agenda for the betterment of Kashmir.