Indian Army cancels Seminar on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) after Backlash from Political Parties in J&K

Indian Army cancels Seminar on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) after Backlash from Political Parties in J&K

March 28, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Due to criticism, the Army in Jammu and Kashmir cancelled a seminar that was scheduled for March 26. The objective of this event was to discuss issues such as the Uniform Civil Code. It should be noted that while providing administrative assistance to organizers, there was no active participation from the Army regarding determining the content of said seminar.

Political leaders from the region, such as Omar Abdullah of the National Conference (NC), expressed apprehension regarding the Army’s role in a “polarizing” matter within Kashmir. Abdullah stressed that for years now, the Indian Army has been committed to maintaining its non-partisan and secular nature, cautioning against compromising this fundamental principle by participating in contentious discussions pertaining to matters like Uniform Civil Code.
Tanvir Sadiq, the chief spokesperson of NC, shared Abdullah’s concerns and requested that the Election Commission assess whether it was suitable for the Army to address a matter highlighted in BJP’s manifesto while maintaining adherence to The Model Code of Conduct. In addition, PDP expressed their disapproval over the seminar held by the Army as they believed that this action signifies an unwelcome military intervention into political affairs.

Najmus Saqib, the spokesperson for PDP, drew attention to the notion that politics and security apparatus in Jammu and Kashmir were becoming increasingly indistinguishable. He pointed out instances of alleged partisan behavior by the Army in the past. Despite facing criticism previously and calls for reformative action, Saqib expressed disappointment with organizers continuing their interjection into political affairs through a seminar arrangement indicating prolonged interference policy from them.

The Army cancelled the seminar in accordance with the Model Code of Conduct to show their dedication towards obeying electoral regulations. As per the Defence Spokesman, they only provided administrative aid to Kashmir Jurists for organizing purposes and issued invitations in good faith with a goal of promoting academic discussion.

The Army’s decision to call off the seminar highlights its need to uphold a fragile equilibrium between promoting awareness while also taking into account political sensitivities in Jammu and Kashmir. The original aim of facilitating thoughtful discussions was overshadowed by apprehensions about potential ramifications on politics, prompting a review of the event’s feasibility amid criticism from different parties involved in policy-making.

The event highlights the difficulties that security forces encounter when working in politically sensitive environments like Jammu and Kashmir. Even seemingly harmless endeavors can rapidly escalate into contentious matters with serious repercussions. To move ahead, all involved parties must converse to tackle issues and guarantee that security force initiatives align with the region’s intricate socio-political surroundings while maintaining their impartiality and principled behavior.