Civil Society Groups Unite Against Hindutva Supremacy in the United States

Civil Society Groups Unite Against Hindutva Supremacy in the United States

March 29, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Over 100 civil society organizations have voiced grave concerns over the escalating presence of Hindutva activism in the United States. In a joint declaration released by Savera, an interfaith coalition comprising Indian American and partner civil rights groups, the rise of Hindutva supremacist ideology has been identified as a significant threat to democracy and pluralism.

The declaration underscores the deepening alliance between the Hindutva movement and various segments of the American far-right. Notable signatories, including the Movement for Black Lives, Jewish Voice for Peace, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the National Lawyers’ Guild, have pledged to oppose supremacist politics, combat Islamophobia and caste discrimination, and advocate for human rights and inclusive visions of Indian-American identity.

This collective stance follows Savera’s recent report titled “The Global VHP’s Trail of Violence,” which meticulously outlines the detrimental impact of Hindu supremacist movements based in the United States. The report sheds light on how these organizations, despite projecting a facade of multiculturalism and diversity, actively work to erode solidarity between communities of colour. Their tactics include attacking civil rights groups, collaborating with far-right figures, disseminating anti-Muslim propaganda, opposing affirmative action and caste protections, and stifling free speech and academic freedom.

The declaration emphasizes that Hindutva supremacy, rooted in a history of violence against Muslims, religious minorities, marginalized caste groups, and indigenous peoples, stands in stark contrast to the values of collective liberation. It condemns Hindutva as not only harmful to Indian, South Asian, and Muslim Americans but also antithetical to the principles of a multiracial democracy.

In light of these concerns, the statement calls for collective action to stand in solidarity with those opposing supremacist ideologies and strive for a truly inclusive society. It underscores the shared responsibility to confront and combat Hindu supremacy in all its forms.

The significance of this united front against Hindutva supremacy cannot be overstated. By bringing together diverse civil society groups, this coalition demonstrates a commitment to upholding democratic principles and safeguarding the rights of marginalized communities. It serves as a powerful reminder that the fight against supremacist ideologies transcends individual identities and requires collective action and solidarity.

In conclusion, the joint declaration by over 100 civil society organizations represents a critical step in addressing the alarming rise of Hindutva activism in the United States. It calls upon individuals and institutions to actively challenge supremacist ideologies and work towards building a more inclusive and equitable society for all.