Bangladeshi Tourists Allegedly Attack Indian Tourists

Bangladeshi Tourists Allegedly Attack Indian Tourists

April 26, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

On April 19, 2024, a group of Bangladeshi tourists reportedly attacked Indian tourists by pelting stones and raising anti-India slogans at the Indo-Bangladesh border in Jaflong/Sylhet, a significant location at the Jaflong (Bangladesh) – Dawki (India) Zero Point in the northeastern region of Meghalaya and Sylhet.

The incident occurred at a site known as the “Zero Point,” which holds symbolic importance as a visa-free area allowing visitors from both Bangladesh and India to freely access the spot without border enforcement from Border Guard Bangladesh and Border Security Force. Jaflong is renowned for its scenic beauty and serves as a popular tourist destination.

The past grievances or issues against India have not been reported, and the incident has not been covered by Bangladesh media. However, video footage of the incident has circulated on social media and blogs.

The absence of elaborate mechanisms to segregate tourists from both sides may have contributed to the incident. Border Security Force and Border Guard Bangladesh personnel typically regulate visitors, but no forces were present during the incident. It occurred during Eid holidays, attracting numerous Bangladeshi tourists to the area. Allegedly, the incident was sparked by Indian tourists pointing out littering by Bangladeshi visitors, leading to stone-pelting and anti-India slogans.

Indian Border authorities are aware of the incident but are unsure if the video is recent or old. This incident underscores the need for improved border management and communication between authorities to prevent such incidents in the future.