ASIO Chief acknowledges possible link between Indian Government and Canadian citizen’s death

ASIO Chief acknowledges possible link between Indian Government and Canadian citizen’s death

October 26, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

In a startling revelation, Australia’s domestic intelligence chief, Mike Burgess, recently acknowledged the possibility of a connection between the Indian government and the death of a Canadian citizen. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had earlier expressed concerns over “credible allegations” linking Indian government agents to the killing of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. India vehemently denied these allegations and, in response, expelled a senior Canadian diplomat.

During an interview with ABC, ASIO director general Mike Burgess stated by saying that he has no strong evidence to argue against what Canada has said about the situation This significant admission lends credence to Canada’s claims, adding another layer of complexity to an already contentious international situation. Further, it underscores the severity of the situation, highlighting the imperative for a thorough and impartial investigation

Burgess emphasized that accusing a country of being involved in the killing of a citizen is a very serious matter, and it’s not something countries should be doing. He expressed while he was at a meeting of a group of countries that share intelligence information, including Australia and Canada.

While Mike Burgess did not confirm whether the issue was being discussed behind the scenes at the summit, it is evident that the matter holds significant international implications. A national security source revealed that Mr. Burgess had been briefed on the issue before last month’s G20 summit in New Delhi, during which Prime Minister Trudeau raised his concerns directly with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The acknowledgment by Australia’s intelligence chief, combined with the international platform of the Five Eyes summit, underscores the seriousness of the allegations and the need for a transparent and unbiased investigation into the circumstances surrounding Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s death. This development further complicates the diplomatic relations between Canada and India and raises questions over India’s involvement beyond boarders.