Unrelenting CASOs in IIOJK Amid Public Outcry

Unrelenting CASOs in IIOJK Amid Public Outcry

December 29, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

Indian troops have persisted in their forceful cordon and search operations (CASOs) across various districts in the Jammu region of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, marking the ninth consecutive day of intensified military activities. According to reports, the operations, spearheaded by the Indian army and Central Reserve Police Force, have been particularly aggressive in Poonch and Rajouri districts.

Inhabitants of Surankote and Thanamundi areas in these districts have borne the brunt of the troops’ incursions, with reports of soldiers entering homes and subjecting residents to terror. Simultaneously, similar operations have been underway in Samba and Kishtwar districts, amplifying the widespread impact of the military’s actions.

Adding to the distress, restrictions on mobile internet services persist in Rajouri and Poonch, exacerbating the challenges faced by the local populace. The suspension of telecom services, in effect for over a week, has prompted urgent calls for the immediate lifting of restrictions. Citizens lament the hindrance to their day-to-day activities as essential digital services remain inaccessible.

The suspension of mobile internet services, initiated overnight between December 22 and 23, is seen as an attempt to conceal alleged state terrorism and atrocities committed by the Indian army, particularly following the custodial killing of three local civilians in the Surankote area. The move has sparked public outrage, with demands for transparency and accountability in the face of escalating military actions.

Residents in various areas of Rajouri, where broadband or fiber-based internet services are not available, find themselves in a precarious situation due to the continued restrictions on mobile internet. The absence of these services further complicates the already challenging circumstances, impeding communication and access to vital information.

The plight of the affected population underscores the urgent need for a reevaluation of the military’s approach and a reassessment of the impact on civilian life. As the situation unfolds, calls for the restoration of mobile internet services grow louder, echoing the sentiments of those grappling with the consequences of the ongoing cordon and search operations. The intersection of technology and conflict underscores the delicate balance between security measures and the fundamental rights and well-being of the civilian population.