Historic Mumbai Mosque Faces Demolition Threat in India

Historic Mumbai Mosque Faces Demolition Threat in India

December 26, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

Mumbai’s historic mosque and adjoining madrassa in Maharashtra are under the looming threat of demolition, ostensibly due to their alleged ‘dilapidated’ condition. The Anjuman Ittihadul-Muslimeen, the institution overseeing the mosque and madrassa, has received a fresh notice from authorities, heightening concerns within the community.

Despite persistent efforts, the Anjuman and concerned residents have been unsuccessful in obtaining a court stay, exacerbating anxieties among the affected community. The Anjuman Ittehadul-Muslimeen, established in 1987 and serving as a hub for religious and educational activities, now faces an uncertain future.

Regular prayers have been conducted on the mosque’s first floor for many years before its formal registration. Aslam Ismail Sheikh, a trustee of the mosque, highlighted the community’s challenges, stating, “We conducted an audit and submitted a report when we received the first notice from the government. Unfortunately, the report was not accepted, and subsequent reports were also rejected. We approached a court, but did not receive a stay.”

The legal battle to preserve the historic mosque and madrassa continues, with fading hopes for relief from the Hindutva rulers and their judiciary. The institution, deeply rooted in the community’s religious and educational fabric, now faces an uncertain fate as the impending threat of demolition casts a shadow over its existence.

Media reports quote Sheikh expressing the community’s frustration in the face of the ongoing challenges. As the community braces for the potential loss of this historic religious and educational landmark, the situation raises broader questions about the preservation of cultural and religious heritage in the face of legal and bureaucratic hurdles, especially in regions where minority communities are already grappling with marginalized status and discrimination.