Dalits, backward denied jobs, people dying of hunger in Modi’s India: Rahul Gandhi

Dalits, backward denied jobs, people dying of hunger in Modi’s India: Rahul Gandhi

February 22, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Lucknow: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that Narendra Modi led Indian government has failed to generate sufficient employment opportunities for Dalits and other backward classes, constituting 90% of the population.

Rahul Gandhi addressing a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur city questioned the employment prospects for backward classes, Dalits, tribals, and minorities in what he referred to as Modi’s ‘Ram Rajya’. He said, “What kind of Ram Rajya is this where Backward classes, Dalits, tribals and minorities, who constitute about 90% of the total population, cannot get jobs”.

“Fifty per cent of the population in the country belongs to backward classes, 15% are Dalits, 8% are tribals and 15% are minorities. Shout as much as you want but you can’t get employment in this country. If you belong to backward, Dalit, tribal or poor general category then you cannot get a job. Narendra Modi does not want you people to get jobs” Gandhi said.

Highlighting the societal divide, Rahul Gandhi expressed concerns that the Dalits and backward classes lack representation in media, major industries, and the bureaucracy. He also drew attention to the alarming issue of hunger-related deaths in India.

Referring to the recent Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony, Gandhi pointed out the absence of representation from backward classes, Dalits, and tribals. He said that even the tribal president, Droupadi Murmu, and Dalit former President, Ramnath Kovind, were not allowed inside.

Gandhi reiterated the demand for a caste census, emphasizing that such a survey is essential to gauge the well-being and economic status of backward communities in India.

Further, Gandhi said that the majority of India’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a mere two to three per cent of the population, referring to them as the “Maharajas of the new India,” specifically naming Adani, Ambani, Tata, and Birla. “These two-three per cent people are ruling you”, he said.