US Congress Report Highlights Surge in HR  Violations in India under Modi Government

US Congress Report Highlights Surge in HR Violations in India under Modi Government

May 3, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

A recent independent report from the US Congress sheds light on a notable increase in the scale and severity of human rights violations in India during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure. Titled ‘India: Human Rights Assessment,’ the report, published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), underscores a surge in reported abuses, particularly since Modi’s re-election in 2019, alongside his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The CRS report underscores that concerns over human rights abuses in India have garnered attention from various international bodies, including the United Nations, as well as numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Spanning three pages, the report aims to equip members of the US Congress with insights to make informed decisions on relevant issues.

This assessment follows closely on the heels of the 2023 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices by the US State Department, which similarly highlighted the prevalence of human rights violations in India. These violations range from serious abuses to those allegedly perpetrated by governmental bodies at both state and federal levels or their representatives. Moreover, the release of the CRS report aligns with a wave of critical coverage in American media outlets regarding the human rights situation in India.

The latest CRS report also notes a new section in the 2023 Human Rights Report focusing on India’s “transnational repression against individuals in another country.” This section highlights instances where the Indian government is accused of engaging in transnational repression against journalists, members of diaspora communities, civil society activists, and human rights defenders.

In conclusion, the CRS report contributes to the growing international scrutiny of human rights issues in India, particularly under the current administration. It emphasizes the necessity for continued monitoring and action to address these concerns both domestically and on the global stage. As human rights violations persist, the report underscores the importance of upholding fundamental rights and freedoms for all individuals, irrespective of nationality or political affiliation.