US Awaits Indian Investigation Results on Alleged Plot to Assassinate Sikh Leader

US Awaits Indian Investigation Results on Alleged Plot to Assassinate Sikh Leader

May 7, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

The United States is closely monitoring Indian investigations into allegations of a plot to assassinate Sikh separatist leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun on US soil, according to a State Department official. State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller stated during a daily news conference in Washington that the US is awaiting the results of the Indian inquiry into the matter.

Miller emphasized the seriousness with which the US views these allegations, noting that the Indian government has initiated a committee of inquiry to investigate the issue. He stated, “We made it very clear that it’s something that we are taking seriously and we think they, too, should take this seriously.”

The allegations surfaced recently, with The Washington Post reporting unnamed sources and implicating a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer in connection with the alleged plot to assassinate Pannun, a US citizen and Sikh leader, on American soil last year.

In response to questions about the investigation, Miller referred reporters to Canadian authorities for details of their investigation and stated that the US Department of Justice would address the indictment returned in the United States.

The development occurs against the backdrop of strained relations between India and the US, with disagreements on various issues including trade and human rights. The outcome of the investigation is closely watched as it could have implications for bilateral ties between the two countries.

The US stance underscores the importance of addressing allegations of transnational plots seriously and transparently. The investigation’s findings will likely influence the trajectory of diplomatic relations between India and the US, underscoring the significance of cooperation and accountability in addressing shared security concerns.