Unrest and Violence Rule Manipur: India’s Internal Security Failure

Unrest and Violence Rule Manipur: India’s Internal Security Failure

March 27, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

In the northeastern state of Manipur, a wave of unrest and violence has engulfed the region, with the death toll climbing to a staggering 298 over the past five weeks. Recent developments have highlighted ongoing clashes between resistance forces and the Myanmar Army, particularly in the Pantha area. At the heart of the conflict lies the contentious issue of illegal immigration across the porous Indo-Myanmar border, which has taken centre stage in Manipur’s socio-political landscape.

The escalating tensions have manifested in attacks on security forces by Kuki and Meitei miscreants, reflecting a growing mistrust among opposing ethnicities towards the state apparatus. The situation has only worsened with each passing day, raising serious concerns about the region’s internal security dynamics.

In Churachandpur, a Kuki mob, numbering around 200, set ablaze the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police offices, along with 17 vehicles. The Indian Security Forces Sector Headquarters building was also encircled during the chaos. Clashes ensued, resulting in injuries to nine Indian security personnel and 25 civilians, with reports of three to four civilian casualties. To quell further unrest, internet services were suspended, and a curfew was imposed in Churachandpur.

Adding to the turmoil, an Additional Superintendent of Police from Imphal West was abducted by miscreants, triggering protests. Manipur Police Commandos expressed their discontent by laying down arms in Imphal West, Thoubal, and Kakching areas.

In Sugnu (Kakching), a firing incident erupted between Indian Security Forces and Kuki Freedom Fighters, with the latter launching mortar attacks on an Indian Security Forces post. Despite the provocation, Indian Security Forces refrained from retaliation, showcasing a delicate balance in the face of escalating hostilities.

The internal security apparatus faced internal challenges as well, with a Manipur Police Head Constable being suspended on charges of supporting insurgents associated with the Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup.

Clashes between Kukis and the United Liberation Front of Assam Freedom Fighters further exacerbated tensions, particularly in Kangpokpi District, resulting in injuries to one United Liberation Front of Assam Freedom Fighter.

Amidst the chaos, a significant meeting between Indian government officials and Freedom Fighters took place in the Mumbi area (Kakching), aimed at discussing the extension of a ceasefire agreement.

In a bid to reinforce resistance efforts, the Myanmar Army’s reinforcement to the Pantha area has been reported, signalling a deepening of the conflict.

As Manipur faces the manifold challenges, urgent measures are needed to restore peace and stability to the region. The complexities of the situation demand a comprehensive approach that addresses underlying grievances and fosters dialogue among all stakeholders. Failure to do so risks further escalation of violence and instability in this volatile region of India.