The Extent of India’s Oppression on Kashmiris

The Extent of India’s Oppression on Kashmiris

October 28, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

India’s oppressive occupation of Kashmir has completed 76 years, the intensity of injustice and tyranny upon innocent Kashmiris continues to reach its peak every passing day.

The extent of India’s oppression knows no boundaries, reaching even Azad Kashmir.
India unjustly arrests innocent people with ties to Azad Kashmir on baseless charges and, after years of violence, brings them to a fatal end.

Zia Mustafa, a young man from Rawalakot, Poonch District, Azad Kashmir, is a part of the Kashmir Freedom Movement.

Zia Mustafa, at the age of 15, left his home one morning in January 2003 but never returned.
Zia Mustafa, a martyr, was awaiting the results of his matric exams when one morning, he accidentally crossed the Line of Control. As he crossed the Line of Control, Indian forces arrested Zia Mustafa and accused him of espionage, imprisoning him.

Zia Mustafa was subjected to violence in Indian custody for 18 years, and one day, he was tragically killed in an extrajudicial encounter.

For 18 years, Zia Mustafa’s family prayed, waited, and made continuous efforts for his return, but they couldn’t bring back their son.

“You can’t even imagine how much we were waiting for his return.”
(Sister of Zia Mustafa)

“Indians are so cruel and heartless that they didn’t even let us have his body after killing my brother.”
(Sister of Zia Mustafa)

“His mother has endured very difficult days without him, to the extent that she even lost her sight due to constant tears.”
(Aunt of Zia Mustafa)

“Indians are nothing but beasts; they shouldn’t even be called human.”
(Brother of Zia Mustafa)

India has already inflicted suffering upon more than two and a half million innocent Kashmiris.
Will the international community remain silent on India’s inhuman actions and violations of laws? A Question to the world!