Second phase of referendum for independent Sikh homeland begins in UK today

Second phase of referendum for independent Sikh homeland begins in UK today

November 7, 2021 Off By Sharp Media

The 2nd phase of a referendum for an independent Sikh homeland started in London, today.

The second phase of the referendum is going on at Southhall and Gravesend in London when this story is being filed, today.

The 1st phase of Sikh referendum was held in London on 31 Oct 2021 wherein over 30,000 Sikhs took part in voting in a massive show of support for a separate homeland.

The next phases of the referendum events would be held on 14th and 21st November in different cities of the UK.

Besides the UK, the Sikh referendum will also be organized in future in the US, Canada, Australia, and the region of Punjab. The findings of the Khalistan referendum will be shared with the UN and other world bodies to seek support for Sikh homeland.

Political experts on development for Khalistan said that Sikh referendum in London is considered to be a defeat for Modi-led India as it fought tooth and nail to prevent it.

Systematic persecution of Sikhs at the hands of successive Indian regimes has compelled them to strive for Khalistan.

Indian army’s Operation Blue Star was an official beginning of an organized purge of the Sikh community in India. The experts are of the view that the global community would have to break its silence on the oppression of Sikhs in India once the outcome of the Sikh referendum is announced.

They said that Khalistan referendum is a strong message to India to end discrimination against Sikhs as the movement for Khalistan in itself is a big question mark on the so-called secular India. This movement continues to inspire Sikhs in India and across the world for an independent homeland for Sikhs.

S US-based organization, Sikhs for Justice, that recently released a new map of India showing not just Punjab but Haryana and Himachal Pradesh as part of Khalistan, supports the secession of Punjab from India for the creation of Khalistan.

Establishing a separate homeland for Sikhs in the Indian Punjab region was the dream of great Sikh leader Bhindranwala and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale gave his life fighting Indian imperialism in 1984.

Interestingly, the voting for Khalistan referendum that took place on 31 Oct in London and in which over 30,000 British Sikhs took part caused a headache to the Indian government. SFJ Secretary General Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said the referendum had caused major embarrassment to India when PM Modi was being hosted by PM Boris for COP26.