Religious Minorities are in the State of Misery in India

Religious Minorities are in the State of Misery in India

April 18, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

The incident took place during lunchtime at Maribia Cafe in New Friends Colony near Jamia Millia Islamia University in South Delhi.

Muslim women said that we four colleagues always come to the office wearing burqas and when we wanted to book a table in a restaurant for lunch, we were told that we have to take off burqas in the restaurant.

According to the women, when we asked why, we were told that it was the restaurant’s policy not to allow any religious symbols to be displayed, and when we refused to remove the burqa and hijab, we were kicked out by the staff.

The affected women described the policy of the restaurant as a violation of the fundamental right to freedom of religion and said that the misbehaviour of the staff proved that no minority is safe from anyone in the Modi government.

It should be remembered that India is under Narendra Modi’s government for the second time in a row and in these ten years the land has been narrowed on the minorities, especially the Muslims.

Along with the ban on calls to prayer and the demolition of mosques and madrassas, there is a ban on hijab in educational institutions. Muslim women are harassed. The business activities of Muslim traders are hampered.