January 3, 2022 Off By Sharp Media

Perturbed by demands of Khalistan referendum, Indian establishment, using RAW and other tools are working on a deliberate plan to repeat the episode of operation Blue Star. In such circumstances possibility of India using Army to oppress the Sikhs peaceful struggle cannot be ruled out. Reputational hurt to Modi due to protracted farmers’ movement is non-digestible, hence Modi is planning to take revenge using multi-pronged strategy to politically engineer elections, discredit Sikhs in information domain, use judicial lever for forging cases against prominent Sikhs and farmers’ movement leaders. Sikhs need to be aware of Indian machinations and world community must take notice of Indian high-handedness. Indian political leadership has built up case against ‘Sikh for Justice’ and other pro Khalistan set-ups abroad. “India is using its discredited media to establish link of Khalistan movement with Pakistan. Indian history is full of such false flag operations. On the pretext of Khalistan separatism, India might use security forces to break the will of those having dissenting views with New Delhi. BJP is orchestrating law and order situation in Indian Punjab to delay state elections. Increased turmoil in Punjab, will give BJP time to forge alliances, thereby undermining farmers and Sikhs.