Outrage Mounts Over BJP’s Election Campaign Videos Targeting Muslims and Opposition

Outrage Mounts Over BJP’s Election Campaign Videos Targeting Muslims and Opposition

May 7, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

As India’s election campaign reaches its midpoint, animated videos circulated by Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), targeting Muslims, Christians, and the political opposition Congress, have sparked complaints and outrage.

According to reports, these videos, shared on social media platforms like Instagram and X, depict the Congress allegedly favouring India’s minority Muslim community over certain disadvantaged tribal and Hindu caste groups. The Congress has filed a complaint with the Election Commission, accusing the BJP of deliberately provoking religious tensions and promoting enmity between different communities.

Guidelines adopted by political parties during the election period prohibit the promotion of mutual hatred between caste, religious, or linguistic groups. The circulation of manipulated videos on social media has become a contentious issue, with fake videos even featuring top Bollywood stars criticizing the prime minister.

In response, the Election Commission has warned parties against the misuse of artificial intelligence tools to create deep fakes and instructed them to promptly remove such content within three hours of notification. Prime Minister Modi, the face of the Hindu-nationalist BJP seeking a rare third consecutive term, has largely focused his campaign on the government’s economic performance and welfare initiatives.

The dissemination of inflammatory content through animated videos underscores the heightened tensions and polarizing dynamics characterizing the Indian political landscape. As the election season progresses, efforts to ensure fair and peaceful elections become increasingly imperative, emphasizing the need for responsible conduct and adherence to ethical standards by all political stakeholders.