Manipulation by India’s BJP Government by Misusing Social Media Platforms

Manipulation by India’s BJP Government by Misusing Social Media Platforms

April 4, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

The Modi-led BJP administration is under scrutiny for employing a variety of tactics aimed at securing electoral victories, thereby jeopardizing the integrity of India’s democratic process.

According to a report cited from Al Jazeera, the Hindu-nationalist BJP government has initiated an extensive social media campaign designed to enhance its reputation as the country’s foremost political entity. This campaign allegedly operates through a centralized cell within the BJP, tasked with devising daily strategies to spread viral content. The report suggests that these tactics involve disseminating deceptive videos and messages to manipulate public opinion.

Of particular concern is the timing of the BJP’s social media offensive, which coincides with the announcement of elections in India. There are allegations that the government may have exploited its access to official databases, possibly through platforms like WhatsApp, to bolster its electoral prospects.

Furthermore, the report raises alarms regarding the transparency of political funding. It is claimed that an overwhelming 60% of Electoral Bond Funds established in 2017 were directed towards the BJP, totaling around Rs60 billion. This substantial financial support has led to accusations of undue influence and has cast doubts on the fairness of the electoral landscape.

The utilization of social media as a political tool is not a novel concept, but the scale and alleged manipulative nature of the BJP’s campaign raise significant ethical concerns. By capitalizing on the viral potential of digital platforms, the BJP risks undermining the democratic principles of fair competition and informed voter choice.

The centralized nature of the BJP’s messaging cell also raises questions about the transparency and accountability of the party’s communication strategies. If reports of deceptive content dissemination are accurate, it suggests a deliberate attempt to sway public opinion through misinformation.

Moreover, the apparent concentration of Electoral Bond Funds towards the BJP further exacerbates concerns about the influence of money in politics. The disproportionate financial backing received by the ruling party could potentially distort the electoral process, tilting the playing field in their favor and marginalizing opposition voices.

These revelations underscore the urgent need for greater oversight and regulation of political campaigning and funding in India. Without robust mechanisms to safeguard the integrity of the democratic process, there is a risk of eroding public trust in the electoral system and undermining the very foundation of Indian democracy. It is imperative that steps are taken to address these allegations and uphold the principles of transparency, fairness, and accountability in Indian elections.