Khalistan Referendum campaign: In Geneva to be held on Dec 10

Khalistan Referendum campaign: In Geneva to be held on Dec 10

December 9, 2021 Off By Sharp Media

Thousands of Sikhs from Europe will be descending on Geneva, Switzerland, during the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session next month to take part in the Khalistan Referendum voting on December 10.

Addressing a press conference underneath the iconic broken chair outside the UN building in the centre of Geneva, leaders of Sikhs For Justice Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Attorney at Law & General Counsel of SFJ Paramjeet Singh Pamma, Khalistan Referendum UK-EU Coordinator and Duoinderjit Singh, SFJ coordinator for UK-EU, announced voting will be held in Geneva on December 10.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who is camping in Geneva to coordinate the December 10th Khalistan Referendum voting, said, “Leading up to December 10, the Khalistan Referendum voting in Geneva, we will approach the country representatives stationed in Geneva to submit ‘India’s Criminalization of Khalistan Referendum’, a report on Narendra Modi government’s ongoing suppression in India and abroad, of the SFJ’s democratic initiative which is in complete consonance with UDHR, ICCPR and the UN Charter.”

He added that India had used voter lists to commit genocide of Sikhs in November 1984 while Sikhs were using the voter lists for freedom, adding, “Khalistan Referendum voting in Geneva will be held under the supervision of Punjab Referendum Commission (PRC)”, a panel of leading impartial experts on direct democracy who have overseen three phases of referendum in the UK held so far.

Paramjeet Singh Pamma said that the SFJ’s ongoing voting on Khalistan was potentially going to be the third secessionist vote being held in Europe after Scottish and Catalonia Referendums. He added that tens of thousands of Sikhs came in the UK in three phases to express their disgust against the genocide of Sikhs committed by India since Partition. Duoinderjit Singh said that Indian government wanted millions of Sikhs around the world to remain indifferent to the brutal genocide of tens of thousands of Sikhs but for Sikhs that’s not an option.

“India has been persistent in trying to eradicate the Sikh history, culture and religion. We have to resist that at all levels and our campaign will continue for the creation of Khalistan for Sikhs,” asserted Duoinderjit.

The Khalistan Referendum voting, which started on October 31 in London, will continue to take place across the UK throughout the month of November and on weekend. Leicester will see British Sikhs coming out to cast their votes for the creation of an independent Khalistan state through the non-binding but highly important referendum.