Kashmiris’ Unwavering Pursuit of Self-Determination Amidst Rising Sacrifices

Kashmiris’ Unwavering Pursuit of Self-Determination Amidst Rising Sacrifices

January 23, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Kashmiris, both residing in the Indian illegally occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and abroad, persist in making unparalleled sacrifices as they endeavor to secure their inalienable right to self-determination. The reports underscore the enduring resistance of Kashmiris against India’s illegal occupation of their homeland for over seventy-five years. The reports claim that to maintain the unlawful and military hold on the region, India has martyred more than five lakh Kashmiris since 1947. The reports further reveal that Indian forces, including troops, paramilitary units, and police personnel, have, in their efforts to suppress the demand for self-determination, martyred over 96 thousand Kashmiris, including men, women, and teenagers. This toll includes 7,325 individuals who lost their lives in custody or in staged encounters, with an additional eight thousand subjected to custodial disappearance since 1989.

Despite the immense human cost, the reports emphasize that the Kashmiri people, particularly the youth, continue to contribute their fervent efforts to liberate themselves from Indian subjugation. The reports assert that the Hindutva BJP regime’s attempts to silence the Kashmiri voice through brute force and military might will not succeed.

The resilience of the Kashmiri people, the reports contend, demonstrates their unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom, despite enduring losses of lives, honor, and property. It predicts that the Indian policy of repression will only strengthen the determination of the Kashmiri people to attain their cherished goal of independence.

Highlighting the legal aspect of the Kashmir conflict, the reports emphasize that international law recognizes the right of the Kashmiri people to struggle for freedom from Indian bondage. It suggests that the brutal tactics employed by Indian forces are no match for the valor and resolve of the Kashmiris, asserting that New Delhi will eventually have to yield to their courage.

The reports further contend that the gross human rights violations perpetrated by Indian forces in IIOJK present a challenge to the global conscience. They call upon the international community to play a proactive role in resolving the longstanding Kashmir dispute, aiming to rescue the Kashmiris from the clutches of Indian state terrorism and political injustice, which they have endured since 1947.