Kashmir Pleads for International Support Amidst Ongoing Human Rights Violations

Kashmir Pleads for International Support Amidst Ongoing Human Rights Violations

December 4, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

In a recent statement, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) condemned India for subjecting the people of India illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) to severe brutalities as they demanded their internationally recognized right to self-determination. The APHC spokesperson, based in Srinagar, highlighted the distressing reality faced by the Kashmiris, with one million Indian troops deployed in the region for over seven decades committing grave human rights violations with impunity.

The spokesperson emphasized that the atrocities on innocent Kashmiris have escalated significantly since the repeal of IIOJK’s special status on August 05, 2019, by the Modi-led Hindutva government. Referring to Kashmir as both a political and humanitarian dispute, the APHC urged individuals who value human dignity to support the just struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination.

Expressing dismay over the critical situation in which the oppressed Kashmiris find themselves, the spokesperson criticized the global community’s silence, asserting that it only compounds the injury. He emphasized the crucial role of individuals with conscience worldwide to raise their voices against the injustice in Kashmir. The APHC further called upon the international community to hold India accountable for its brutal actions in the occupied territory.

Simultaneously, APHC leader and Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Social Peace Forum, Advocate Davender Singh Behal, expressed gratitude to the Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, for spotlighting the Kashmir dispute on the sidelines of COP 28 in Dubai. Behal commended Pakistan’s Prime Minister for displaying determination in advocating for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in line with the wishes of the Kashmiri people, earning the admiration of those in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Behal underscored Pakistan’s consistent support for the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination, contrasting it with India’s perceived lack of political will and stubbornness, which he identified as impediments to settling the longstanding dispute. He further emphasized the international community’s responsibility to bring India to the negotiating table for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

In summary, the APHC’s statement sheds light on the dire situation in IIOJK, emphasizing the urgency of international intervention to address the human rights violations and advocate for the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. The call for accountability and support resonates throughout the statement, urging individuals and nations with conscience to speak out against the injustice in Kashmir and facilitate a peaceful resolution to the longstanding dispute.