JANUARY_ A Month of Tragic Massacres in Indian-Occupied Kashmir

JANUARY_ A Month of Tragic Massacres in Indian-Occupied Kashmir

January 19, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Over eight distressing years starting in 1990, the Kashmir Valley bore witness to five major massacres, leaving hundreds dead and properties worth crores in ruins. Among these tragic events, the Magarmal Bagh massacre on January 19, 1991, remains a haunting chapter. Fourteen civilians were ruthlessly killed by Indian paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force troops in Srinagar, and to this day, justice eludes the victims of this heinous act.

The reports underscore the indelible impact of massacres like Magarmal Bagh on the collective psyche of Kashmiris, serving as stark reminders of the criminal face of Indian forces. The memories of other blood-soaked incidents, such as the Gaw Kadal massacre (January 21, 1990), Handwara massacre (January 25, 1990), Sopore town massacre (January 06, 1993), and Kupwara massacre (January 27, 1994), continue to cast a long shadow over the region.

The Sopore town massacre, where over 60 civilians were martyred, stands out as a tragic testament to the brutality of Indian soldiers who set the town ablaze, leaving countless families awaiting justice. Similarly, the Gaw Kadal massacre witnessed over 50 innocent lives lost during a peaceful demonstration against the troops’ reprehensible actions.

The reports reveal toll of 634 lives lost and billions of rupees in property ruined in around 30 massacres since January 1990. Also highlighted a dark chapter from history – the brutal killings of over 3 Lakh Muslims in Jammu by Indian Army, Dogra, and Hindutva communal forces in November 1947.

Alarming warnings from international human rights organizations, including Genocide Watch, indicate an ongoing threat. The reports include statements from BJP leaders and ministers, raising concerns about the possibility of more massacres in occupied Kashmir, akin to the Jammu, Gaw Kadal, and Sopore atrocities.

The Human Rights Watch’s yearly report echoes these concerns, pointing to continued restrictions on free expression and extrajudicial killings by Indian forces. Despite the BJP-led Indian regime’s relentless atrocities to alter the demographic fabric of Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir, the report emphasizes that the spirit of Kashmiris remains unbroken.

As the Kashmiri people deal with the trauma of past massacres, calls resonate for the international community to intervene and prevent further genocide at the hands of the brutal Indian forces. Meanwhile, posters circulating on social media urge the people to observe India’s Republic Day on January 26 as a Black Day, rejecting the illegal occupation of their homeland and paying tributes to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for freedom.