India’s Alleged Propaganda Campaign Against Pakistan and Kashmiri Independence Struggle

India’s Alleged Propaganda Campaign Against Pakistan and Kashmiri Independence Struggle

November 23, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

In the volatile region of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), a recent report by Kashmir Media suggests that India is actively engaged in a malicious propaganda campaign aimed at tarnishing Pakistan’s image and undermining the indigenous freedom movement of the Kashmiri people. The report alleges that India, under Narendra Modi, has intensified its efforts to discredit Pakistan and manipulate the narrative surrounding the Kashmiris’ just struggle.

According to the report, India has allegedly activated its proxies both within and outside IIOJK to discredit Pakistan and foster anti-Pakistan sentiments among the Kashmiri populace. The tactics employed reportedly include a combination of media manipulation, cyber technology exploitation, and the use of terrorism as hybrid tools. The goal is purportedly to equate the legitimate Kashmir freedom movement with terrorism through false flag operations and a concerted disinformation campaign.

The report highlights the increasing intensity of the anti-Pakistan and anti-Kashmiris campaign since the appointment of RR Swain, an official associated with the Hindutva ideology, as the new police chief in IIOJK. It claims that the Modi-led government is leveraging various means, including educational institutions and religious centers, to advance the Hindutva agenda in the occupied territory. Despite these efforts, the report asserts that the Kashmiri people remain resolute in resisting attempts to Hinduize their region.

Pakistan has consistently voiced support for the Kashmiris’ struggle for their United Nations-promised right to self-determination for over seven decades. It is emphasized that India should recognize Pakistan’s unwavering support as a morale booster for the Kashmiri people. The report accuses India of being a state sponsor of terrorism and an advocate of anti-Pakistan propaganda, asserting that the Modi regime’s attempts to defame Pakistan and suppress the Kashmir freedom struggle will ultimately fail.

The report concludes by urging the international community to discern the genuine sentiments behind the Kashmiris’ indigenous freedom struggle and to acknowledge the perceived threat to peace posed by the ruling Hindutva regime in India. It emphasizes that New Delhi’s efforts to mislead the world about the Kashmir situation are unlikely to succeed, as the Kashmiri people remain committed to expressing their aspirations for self-determination.