Indian Advisory Puts Kashmiri Students in Iran in Difficulty Amid Tensions

Indian Advisory Puts Kashmiri Students in Iran in Difficulty Amid Tensions

April 15, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

Amid escalating tensions in West Asia, the Indian government has advised Indian nationals, including thousands of pilgrims bound for Iran and construction workers heading to Israel, to postpone their travel plans. This decision has left hundreds of Kashmiri students enrolled in various Iranian universities facing uncertainty and concern.

Expressing their anxieties, students have revealed their dilemma, with some contemplating leaving Iran amidst growing safety apprehensions. A student studying at Imam Khomeini University in Qazvin expressed distress over the escalating tensions and the fear of a potential conflict between the Middle Eastern rivals, causing unease among students. She shared the emotional toll the situation has taken on her family, with her mother constantly worrying about her safety.

Similarly, another student from North Kashmir, currently in Iran, highlighted the challenges faced due to the advisory issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Recounting the ordeal of being initially prevented from boarding a flight to Tehran and later allowed only after signing a document acknowledging personal risk, the student emphasized the uncertainty surrounding their situation.

Shakil Ahmad, a concerned parent whose daughter studies in Iran, expressed apprehension reminiscent of the situation faced by Kashmiri students during the conflict in Ukraine. He voiced fears about potential airport closures if the conflict escalates further. However, drawing upon his daughter’s reassurance and his faith in Iran’s ability to handle crises with maturity, he remained cautiously optimistic about the situation.

The advisory has placed Kashmiri students in Iran in a challenging predicament, caught between concerns for their safety and the desire to continue their education. As tensions persist in the region, their future remains uncertain, with the hope that diplomatic efforts and the resilience of the Iranian people will prevail amidst the turmoil.