Hindutva Extremists Attack Centuries-Old Dargah in Gujarat, Sparking Outrage

Hindutva Extremists Attack Centuries-Old Dargah in Gujarat, Sparking Outrage

May 10, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

In a distressing incident of Islamophobia under the governance of Modi-led India, Hindutva extremists launched a violent attack on the 600-year-old dargah of Imam Shah Baba on the outskirts of Ahmedabad in Gujarat state. The assailants demolished graves and desecrated the shrine by installing idols.

The graves of Imam Shah and his family members were ruthlessly flattened during the assault by the Hindutva mob. Upon learning of the desecration, Muslims residing in the Pirana village, where the dargah is located, swiftly responded, leading to a tense confrontation. Unfortunately, the situation escalated into stone-pelting, resulting in injuries to four individuals.

As per reports, the police have detained 30 individuals in connection with the incident. Confirming the destruction of structures erected on the graves by Hindutva perpetrators, authorities acknowledged the severity of the situation.

Azhar Saiyed, a descendant of the saint and a resident of Pirana, expressed dismay over the lack of action taken to address the desecration. Despite objections raised against the demolition of graves and demands for restoration, no tangible steps have been taken thus far.

Imam Shah Baba holds significant reverence among Muslims and others for centuries. However, in the aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition, Hindutva extremist groups, notably the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), initiated a campaign to “reclaim” other places of worship belonging to the Muslim community. The dargah in Pirana found itself on this list, leading to repeated attempts to forcibly seize control and erase its 600-year-old history.

This tragic incident underscores the ongoing threat posed by Hindutva ideology and the perpetuation of anti-Muslim hate. It highlights the systematic targeting of religious minorities and cultural heritage sites, fueled by extremist agendas.

The attack on the dargah of Imam Shah Baba is not an isolated event but part of a disturbing trend of religious intolerance and violence in India. It calls for urgent attention from authorities to safeguard religious freedom and promote communal harmony. Moreover, accountability for those responsible for such heinous acts must be ensured to prevent further escalation of tensions and preserve the pluralistic fabric of Indian society.