Global peace under threat due to unresolved disputes over Palestine and Kashmir

Global peace under threat due to unresolved disputes over Palestine and Kashmir

October 19, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

The global peace is under threat, today, primarily due to Kashmir and Palestine, the world’s two most long-pending UN-recognized disputes reeling under illegal occupation of Israel and India.

According to Kashmir Media Service, both Kashmir, a bone of contention in the South Asian region, and Palestine in the Middle East, involve denial to the right to self-determination promised by the United Nations Security Council in 1948.

Both Kashmir and Palestine share the struggle for self-determination against colonial occupation for the past over 75 years as they both await fulfillment of the UN resolutions, as of now. Occupiers India and Israel are glaringly violating international laws in Kashmir and Palestine, witnessing most vicious form of apartheid in modern history.

As per international law, both Kashmiris and Palestinians have the right to resist their foreign oppressors, but as and when they carry out an action against their oppressors under the UN Charter, the world major powers side with the occupiers in condemning the act, be it a raid on Indian occupation troops in Kashmir or a daring attack of Hamas on Israelis in Palestine. Above all, close military cooperation between India and Israel is a growing danger to humanity and world peace.

Both Kashmir and Palestine issues have deep historical roots, with conflicts spanning over decades. The Kashmir conflict began in 1947 during the partition of India, and the Israel-Palestine conflict has its origins in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when the Britishers carved a new state in the heart of Middle East on the soil of Palestine.

These conflicts have attracted significant international attention and involvement with various countries and international organizations trying to mediate or influence the resolution of these disputes on different occasions. However, obduracy of the occupier forces have been a stumbling block in resolution of these conflicts, which today pose a serious threat to the global peace as a result of unending violence, wars, resistance and border clashes in the Middle East and South Asia.

UN’s failure to enforce its resolutions on the political future Kashmir and Palestine have directly resulted in the instability of South & West Asia.