845 Kashmiri Lives Taken Since India’s Revocation of IIOJK’s Special Status in Aug 2019

845 Kashmiri Lives Taken Since India’s Revocation of IIOJK’s Special Status in Aug 2019

December 5, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

The unyielding military and police crackdown initiated by the Hindutva-led Indian government under Narendra Modi on August 5, 2019, in the illegally occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir continues to inflict severe hardships on the daily lives of its residents. According to recent reports, the entire territory has effectively been transformed into an open prison for its inhabitants since India revoked its special status four years ago. This move, as per the report, is a deliberate attempt to strip the Kashmiris of their identity, properties, and government services by altering the Muslim-majority status of the occupied area.

The reports reveal alarming statistics, highlighting that Indian troops have martyred 845 Kashmiris, including 17 women, during this period. Furthermore, over 1,115 houses were damaged, and 129 women were subjected to molestation and disgrace in the course of cordon and search operations and house raids across the occupied territory. A disturbing revelation is the continued imprisonment of numerous Hurriyat leaders, Activists, Ulema, Journalists, and Human Rights Defenders, including prominent figures like APHC Chairman Masarrat Aalam Butt, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Muhammad Yasin Malik, and Aasiya Andrabi, in different jails within occupied Kashmir and India.

The intensification of India’s actions in the region, particularly targeting the youth, post the events of August 5, 2019. The term “genocide” is explicitly used to describe the systematic violence inflicted upon the Kashmiri population. The gravity of India’s brutal measures in the occupied territory is emphasized, posing a significant challenge for the international community.

Simultaneously, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has voiced serious concerns about the deteriorating situation in the region. The APHC is urging the international community to prioritize the implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir as a means to bring an end to the ongoing saga of death and destruction in the occupied territory.

To conclude, reports shed light on the continued suffering of the Kashmiri people under the unrelenting siege imposed by the Modi-led Indian government. The shocking human rights violations, including loss of lives, property damage, and systemic abuses, demand immediate attention from the international community. The APHC’s call for the implementation of UN resolutions underscores the urgency of addressing the Kashmir issue to bring about a resolution that respects the rights and aspirations of the people in the region.