The Rise of Extremist Hindutva Female Force under the Disguise of Village Defense Guards

The Rise of Extremist Hindutva Female Force under the Disguise of Village Defense Guards

December 18, 2023 Off By Sharp Media

In a bid to bolster local security and maintain law and order, the Narendra Modi-led Indian government has taken a unique initiative in the Doda district. The administration is arming and training Hindutva-inspired women to join the Village Defence Guards (VDGs), a group tasked with safeguarding Hindu-dominated areas in the Jammu region. The move is aimed at addressing security concerns and countering perceived threats against the majority community.

Reports suggest that an initial cohort of 250 women from the mountainous Doda district is undergoing intensive training in various skills, including firing and tactical maneuvers. The objective is to instill a sense of security within the local population while enhancing the region’s defense capabilities.

Currently, the VDG program comprises over 6000 members, who receive regular compensation from the Modi regime. According to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in Doda, these VDG members have proven to be valuable assets, collaborating with the police and other Indian forces to monitor and counteract potential “anti-national elements.” The term is often used to refer to individuals advocating for freedom in the region.

The SSP highlighted the establishment of firing ranges in strategic locations such as Doda, Bhaderwah, and Gandoh. These facilities serve as training grounds for VDG members, where they undergo routine firing practices. The emphasis on training aims to equip these women with the necessary skills to effectively contribute to the security apparatus of the region.

While the move is framed as a proactive measure to bolster security, it has raised concerns about the potential misuse of power and the impact on communal relations. Critics argue that such initiatives may inadvertently create an atmosphere of fear, further exacerbating tensions between communities. As the VDG program continues to expand, it remains to be seen how this unconventional approach to security will influence the socio-political landscape of the Jammu region.