The Miseries of  People of IIOJK Increased Ahead of India’s Republic Day

The Miseries of  People of IIOJK Increased Ahead of India’s Republic Day

January 24, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

India’s Republic Day, to be observed on the 26th of January, has brought increased challenges for the residents of Indian Illegal Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, with intensified checking and frisking by Indian troops under the guise of security measures.

According to reports, a significant deployment of Indian army, paramilitary, and police personnel has been observed around key locations in Jammu and Srinagar cities, particularly the stadiums where Republic Day functions are scheduled to take place. The so-called security measures have also been extended to district headquarters, with a multi-layered security apparatus implemented.

In an effort to maintain control, Indian troops and police are closely monitoring all vehicles, commuters, and pedestrians entering Srinagar and Jammu cities. Surprise vehicle checks at entry and exit points, as well as frisking of motorcyclists and passengers, are being carried out across the cities. Similar reports have surfaced from various parts of the territory.

IIOJK is witnessing a heavy deployment of Indian forces personnel, strategically positioned to monitor people’s movements. Checkpoints have been established on every road and intersection, where commuters and pedestrians are subjected to thorough frisking, and vehicles undergo detailed inspections.

The occupation authorities have issued directives mandating the attendance of employees from all government offices and schools at the Indian Republic Day functions, further underscoring the stringent security measures in place during this period.