Residents in Baramulla protest against soaring Electricity Bills in ongoing Struggle

Residents in Baramulla protest against soaring Electricity Bills in ongoing Struggle

January 16, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

In a huge protest in the Baramulla district of the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir region, residents from five villages voiced their discontent against the policies of the Narendra Modi government. The protest, primarily centered on economic and political grievances, unfolded in the Wagoora area of the district, where aggrieved residents gathered outside the power department office at Watergam in Wagoora.

The focal point of the demonstration was the exorbitant electricity bills that had stirred resentment among the residents of Watergam Wagoora, Kawchak, Sheikhpora, Dardpora, Shirpora, and Harnar. According to reports, the protesters, undeterred by the challenging circumstances, raised their voices against the perceived injustices perpetrated by the occupation authorities.

The primary grievance expressed by the demonstrators was the imposition of inflated electricity tariffs, despite enduring 20-hour load shedding. Abdul Gaffar from Dardpora, one of the vocal protesters, emphasized the unacceptability of the exorbitant bills and urged the concerned department to rectify the situation promptly. Gaffar stated, “The inflated bills are unacceptable, and the department concerned must rectify the bills.”

The protesting residents further lamented facing unscheduled power cuts, with electricity being unavailable for as long as four hours, despite being compelled to pay high electricity bills. The disconnect between the provision of electricity and the billing system has fueled frustration among the residents, prompting them to take to the streets in a forceful demonstration.

As the protesters chanted slogans against the occupation authorities, they issued a stern warning, declaring their intent to persist in their protest until their demands were met. The threat of continued protests looms large, emphasizing the urgency for the concerned authorities to address the issues at hand. The residents made it clear that withdrawal of the disputed bills was a non-negotiable demand, signaling a determination to endure further hardships if necessary.

This protest in Baramulla is a stark representation of the broader discontent simmering in the region, with residents expressing their dissatisfaction not only with the economic burden imposed on them but also with the political decisions affecting their daily lives. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the authorities will respond to the grievances voiced by the residents, and whether a resolution can be reached to alleviate the economic and political strains endured by the people of the region.