Care Taker Prime Minister Kakar Pledges a Fitting Retaliation Against any Aggression from India

Care Taker Prime Minister Kakar Pledges a Fitting Retaliation Against any Aggression from India

January 10, 2024 Off By Sharp Media

In a recent podcast with a digital media channel, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar issued a stern warning to India, emphasizing that Pakistan is prepared to respond fittingly in the face of any aggression reminiscent of the events in 2019. As the Lok Sabha elections approach, Kakar asserted that Pakistan’s defense capability and determination have been renewed, signaling a commitment to protecting its sovereignty.

Kakar, in the interview, articulated Pakistan’s resolute stance, stating, “Pakistan will exactly do the same as it did in 2019. We will hit their planes. We will respond in the same coin… Neither our bullets nor determination are old. Our bullets are new and our determination is quite renewed and fresh.” This unequivocal statement underscores the country’s readiness to defend itself with modernized military capabilities.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, the Caretaker Prime Minister emphasized that no one should harbor illusions about Pakistan’s response. He underscored the presence of a robust defense mechanism aimed at safeguarding the nation and its people. This assurance is intended to send a clear message that any aggressive actions by India will be met with a formidable and resolute counterattack.

Kakar went on to stress that the potential for conflict would persist until a resolution is reached regarding the Kashmir dispute. He cautioned that various triggers could instigate exchanges between the two nations, underscoring the delicate nature of the ongoing tensions in the region.

The Caretaker Prime Minister’s words reflect the heightened state of alertness and preparedness in Pakistan, particularly as geopolitical tensions remain centered on the longstanding Kashmir dispute. The reference to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India adds a political dimension to the warning, suggesting that Pakistan is closely monitoring regional developments and will respond decisively to any perceived threats.

As both countries navigate the delicate landscape of their bilateral relations, the international community is likely to observe these developments closely, emphasizing the importance of diplomatic efforts to mitigate tensions and promote a peaceful resolution to longstanding issues in the region.